[TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY] the overseas travel insurance plan  for foreign nationals visit

[TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY] the overseas travel insurance plan  for foreign nationals visit

What will you do if this happens?

  • You become injured or ill...

    You become injured or ill..
  • The staff can't understand your language...

    The staff can't understand your language...
  • Your passport or credit card is lost/stolen...

    Your passport or credit card is lost/stolen...
  • You can not connect to the internet...

    You can not connect to the internet...

Tokio Marine Nichido help you!

Insurance amount • Sample premiums

  • Coverage •
    Special provisions on payment of medical treatment/repatriation expenses
    (for foreign nationals visiting Japan)
  • Period of insurance 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 11 days 14 days 21 days 23 days
    Insurance premium 1,220 JPY 1,620 JPY 1,950 JPY 2,300 JPY 2,650 JPY 2,960 JPY 4,060 JPY 4,870 JPY 6,470 JPY 7,010 JPY
    Period of
    2 days 1,220 JPY
    3 days 1,620 JPY
    4 days 1,950 JPY
    5 days 2,300 JPY
    6 days 2,650 JPY
    7 days 2,960 JPY
    11 days 4,060 JPY
    14 days 4,870 JPY
    21 days 6,470 JPY
    23 days 7,010 JPY
  • The period of insurance will begin on the date of entry into Japan or the day following the date of application, whichever comes later. (The period of insurance may be between 1 and 31 days.)
  • This insurance product offers coverage for medical expenses incurred due to injury or illness in Japan and for repatriation to the patient's home country.

Application procedures can be
completed entirely
online using a PC,
smartphone or tablet!

Tokio Marine Nichido offers five services to help you.

Cashless medical service

We will refer you to a suitable hospital if you become injured or ill!
Tokio Marine Nichido will pay medical expenses and drug expense directly to the hospital or pharmacy! *1

*1 This service enables customers to receive medical treatment without having to pay for medical treatment and medication at the hospital/pharmacy if Tokio Marine Nichido's service provider is contacted in advance and receives authorization from the hospital/pharmacy.

Interpreting via telephone, etc.

We will provide medical care with our interpreting service (available in English, Chinese and Korean)! *2

*2 Tokio Marine Nichido’s service provider offers a three-way telephone interpreting service by telephone or videophone that can also be used in restaurants, hotels, etc.

Patient repatriation

We offer full support for repatriation to your home or a medical institution in your home country! *3

*3 Tokio Marine Nichido's service provider will make transportation arrangements, complete airport procedures, etc.

Travel protection

Among the variety of other services we offer are: support if your passport or credit card is lost/stolen; reservations/arrangements for transport between the airport and your hotel; forwarding of messages to family members and other persons overseas; and safety information relevant to your trip.


We will provide a smartphone application offering convenient functions such as “free Wi-Fi service” and “Emergency Calls.” *4

*4 To use the application, you will need to initialize it using the ID and password or the activation code provided when the policy was concluded.

  • This service is not available for illnesses, injuries or accidents not covered in the overseas insurance policy you have purchased.
  • The Description of Important Matters are also describe in the principal contingencies for which insurance benefits are payable or not payable.So please ensure you read it closely.
  • The details of this service are subject to change or suspension without notice.
  • The service may take time to access or may be unavailable.
  • Any injury or illness the Insured Person has already suffered at the time of application is outside the scope of insurance payout.

Application Process

For first-time applicants
Premium payments may only be made by credit card (single installment).

  • ① Check product description and application conditions

  • ② Enter policy conditions and customer information

  • ③ Confirm application details and enter credit card information

  • ④ Contract to be formed

Application conditions

Only persons satisfying the following application conditions may apply. Please check the FAQ for information on the Internet environment needed to use this service.

Policyholder: person applying for an insurance policy

  • The Policyholder must be an individual aged 18 or over at the time of application.*
  • If the Policyholder and the Insured Person are not the same, the Policyholder may only complete the application procedures with the consent of the Insured Person.

In such cases, the Policyholder must confirm and then correctly enter the requested information on behalf of the Insured Person.

* Age as of last birthday

Insured Person: person covered by an insurance policy

There is no upper age limit to apply.

Policies will not be issued if the Insured Person is injured or ill at the time of application.

Application submission period

An application may be submitted within 30 days before entry into Japan*. Please note that no application will be accepted if five or more days elapse after arrival (including the day of arrival).

* The date of entry will be the day on which entry procedures are completed.

Period of insurance

The period of insurance may be between 1 and 31 days.

[Precautions: Please carefully read the following.]
The period of insurance shall be set to be from the day of entry into Japan or the day following the date of application, whichever comes later, until the day on which procedures for exiting Japan are completed. Accidents will be covered under this policy if they occur during the period from the completion of entry procedures in Japan until the completion of procedures for exiting Japan while the policy is in force.

Insurance premium payment methods

Insurance premium payments may only be made by credit card (single installment).

  • Only a credit card issued to the Policyholder or an accompanying spouse, child or sibling may be used.
  • The credit cards below may be used.

[Handling agency]

[Underwriting insurer]
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

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